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Hey there! If you're dealing with an autoimmune disease and want a natural treatment in Gilbert, we've got your back. At Gilbert Integrative Medical Center, we're not about fancy words; we're about making your health better, especially when it comes to autoimmune diseases. Let's dive into what we do in plain talk right here in Gilbert, Arizona.

What's up with Autoimmune Diseases?

So, autoimmune conditions are like your body's elements getting a bit confused and accidentally going after the home team – your own cells. But don't stress; we're here to help untangle the mess and guide you toward feeling better.

Why Pick Us for Autoimmune Disorder Treatment in Gilbert?

Seeing the Big Picture

We're not just into fixing surface-level issues. Autoimmune disease natural treatment in Gilbert, for us, is about understanding why your body is acting up. We look at everything – the big picture – to find real solutions and not just quick fixes. Read more

Common Auto Immune Conditions

Many conditions are either autoimmune in nature or related to your autoimmune system in some way. These conditions include:


Often abbreviated to IBS, this condition causes problems like abdominal pain, constipation, and bloating.


Fibromyalgia causes chronic pain at many trigger points all over your body. It often causes chronic fatigue, brain fog, and poor sleep.


Low thyroid can cause chronic fatigue, constipation, cold extremities, and hair loss along with many other symptoms.


Hashimoto’s thyroiditis can lead to an underactive thyroid gland. Effects can include weight gain, chronic fatigue, joint stiffness, muscle weakness, and increased sensitivity to cold temperatures.


Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel disease. It can lead to decreased appetite, weight loss, abdominal pain, anemia, and slowed brain function


Endometriosis causes the tissue that makes up your uterine lining to grow in places outside of your uterus. It may cause severe pelvic pain, dramatically increased menstrual bleeding, and bloating.


Osteoporosis means you have low bone density. Although it doesn’t typically cause any symptoms, it makes your bones more susceptible to fracture and damage. Over time, you may notice that you’re shrinking if you have osteoporosis.

All of these conditions are either an autoimmune disease or are closely connected to your autoimmune system.

What Makes Our Autoimmune Disorder Treatment in Gilbert Different

1. Looking at Everything

Autoimmune issues can mess with different parts of your body. Our way looks at your health as a whole, fixing things up on all fronts.

2. Connecting with You

You're not alone in this journey. We're here, right in your community, offering accessible and friendly care. Your input matters in crafting a treatment plan.

3. Helping You Get It

We don't use big words to confuse you. We're here to explain everything in a way that makes total sense. Understanding your autoimmune system is a big part of making it better.

Autoimmune Disease Treatment in Arizona – Let's Make it Happen!

1. Holistic Healing

Your health is like a fingerprint – unique. So, we create a plan that's just for you; there is no one-size-fits-all methodology here. Your treatment plan is made to fit you perfectly. Read more


The Gilbert Integrative Medical Center team can treat autoimmune conditions in either phase through hormonal balance, detoxification, nutritional counseling, a personalized supplement plan, and many other customized treatments.

Retroactive treatment comes after you’re having symptoms.

Proactive treatment puts your main focus on prevention.

Many patients come in for treatment when they’re having serious symptoms, or after living with autoimmune conditions for many years.

After customized proactive or retroactive treatment, many patients go into remission and are able to enjoy a normal, healthy life again.

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