ChiroThin/Weight Loss Treatment

ChiroThin™ is a natural dietary supplement.

Its formula contains a host of nutritional ingredients that are well known to aid in fatty acid transportation, fatty acid metabolism, and blood sugar stabilization, as well as increase metabolism and detoxification.

When ChiroThin is combined with healthy and specific amounts of anti-inflammatory foods with a low glycemic index, your body will be more efficient at converting stored fat into energy.

At Gilbert Integrative Medical Center in Gilbert, Arizona,
the natural-minded health care physicians have the expertise and skill needed to diagnose and treat your Weight Loss problem in an innovative way.

ChiroThin Weight Loss Center

As a ChiroThin Weight Loss Center patient, you will experience rapid, healthy weight loss without hunger or cravings.

Many of our female clients lose between 2-3 sizes (20+ lbs.), and many of our male clients will lose 25-35 pounds, in about 42 days!

These results have been accomplished by using and adhering to our comprehensive, doctor supervised program.

If you are looking to lose 20+ lbs in just 42 days, the ChiroThin Weight Loss Program is going to be perfect for you!

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